Ordered the King Size 15 cm mattress.
    It arrived within a week and is very comfortable, thus a good nights sleep.
    Thanks Mam.


    Very happy with my 15cm mattress and the service received. Thank you.


    Ordered my queen size 15cm a couple of days before New Year. Mam was very professional and kept in contact via email. Was delivered yesterday. The deliver person was very courteous and professional.

    The mattress itself is wonderful. Had a very good nice sleep last night and it sure beats my old spring mattress. Definitely worth ordering. Good mattress, good customer service.


    The topper was great — got the 5cm queen topper for my king bed and it’s made my sleep so much more comfortable. Delivery was quick, too, even up here in CM!


    Excellent service and delivery from Mam. Very happy with the matreess.


    We ordered the queen sized mattresses for some of our bungalows and liked them so much that we have since ordered the King topper for our mattress in Bangkok.

    Wonderful service and a quality mattress!


    I ordered one twin and one queen-sized mattress. Excellent service and high quality mattresses, with great value. A very satisfied customer!


    We ordered the 15cm King Size Mattress a few days before Songkran and received it just some days after – Khun Mam provided a fantastic service and replied all questions before and after sales within no time.

    The mattress is just great – my backpain was gone completely within a few days.

    Though the mattress looks and feels quite soft it is actually medium firm just as promised.

    I can definitely recommend this product and would by it again anytime !


    Very happy with the mattress, the service and the price.

    Highly recommended


    Despite the long trip to Luang Prabang (had it delivered to my friend’s Mum’s place in Nong Khai & then my friend put it on the plane from Vientiane), my 7.5cm mattress topper arrived safely & in perfect condition. The topper is great (even without a mattress!) and the service from Mam was impeccable! Thanks so much.


    This is my second purchase and once again, service was exceptional. Well informed of progress and delivery made when promised. Even the delivery company was super professional and courteous. A pleasure to deal with this company. Second topper as great as the first!


    Ordered the 15″ king size mattress and it was delivered to Chiangmai within 5 business days! Very happy with quick delivery. The mattress is quite expensive for only 15cm but it is very comfortable.


    Just received my 7.5 Queen topper on Saturday and have been in HEAVEN ever since – from order to delivery took six days! If you’re in Thailand, you know that the beds can be hard which is why I contacted Mam a few months ago about her products and this lady has been nothing but the consummate professional! Since I would be coming to Chiang Mai for a one year “sabbatical”, I asked many questions concerning the area and she always responded with charm and grace! For what it’s worth, 5-6 years ago I purchased an organic latex mattress/frame back in the States, the bed was harder than what I have now (and more $$$). I was satisfied with the service, but I have fallen in love with Latex innovations… 🙂 Khop khun krap!!


    We have a ‘dunlopillo’ mattress. It is an okay mattress and we lived with it for awhile. It is a bit on the hard side. We saw a previous topic regarding Latex Innovations, looked at their website and decided to get the mattress topper. We were going to leave town so we called Mam to talk about delivery and payment. She said they don’t store the items and she gets them made as you order. She called them to make sure they could complete the mattress topper in time. We paid by bank transfer which was nice since we don’t want to pay foreign transaction fees for our credit cards. The topper arrived on time and we slept very soundly. It was the best sleep we had in awhile! We also noticed that we don’t feel the mattress bouncing when one of us gets in or out of bed any more. We are very happy with the product and the good, efficient service.


    My husband and I are farang and not used to the hard Thai style mattresses so we ordered a 15cm to use as a topper. Delivery was fast. Service good. Very comfortable, much better nights sleep. There is a slight smell as advised, but I don’t find it bad (smells woody, or like hay) and my husband didn’t notice it.


    We ordered a king-sized mattress. It arrived within two days after we made the payment. Mam was very helpful and patient with our questions about her products. She even recommended the right bed frame for these latex mattresses.


    Hi Mam,
    > I realise I never said thank you for the mattress topper. It’s made such a huge improvement to my sleep/life. Totally worth the investment – thanks for delivering it on time and with everything in order.
    > cheers,
    > Bek


    Love the new mattress. I was worried about it being too hard, but it’s perfect! I finally had a good nights sleep and didn’t wake up at 7am in pain!

    Rock On,


    Hello Mam

    Both my wife and I both love the topper; it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

    Pillows would be the only thing I could suggest; you would have to research and experiment yourself to see if people would want them.

    Ken Adams


    I purchased a topper from Latex Innovations about a month ago and couldn’t be more pleased. The service was fast and professional; the latex topper is superb. My wife commented that it’s like sleeping on a cloud.


    I bought a 5 cm King topper and use it on a very firm thai style mattress (hard). It’s perfect for us. Just enough softer and support. The 7.5 would have been softer, and this 5cm model seems just right for sleeping. I have lower back issues and this has helped a lot. I’ve been sleeping on this for months now. Very happy.


    I have had the mattress for some time now and could not be without it. It is a problem now sleeping anywhere other than at home. Many thanks Mam.


    I was lucky enough that the topper I needed was in stock in Chiang Mai. The first night and I already had better sleep!

    GREAT !


    Our mattress topper arrived on Friday as promised and I want to let you know that we are very happy with it. It has made a huge improvement to our bed. Thank you for all your help. I recommend you and your company to anyone here in Thailand who has a need for a mattress topper.

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