We LOVE our new 3″ mattress topper. All I can say is what a lifesaver. We opened it up and used it right away, we had no scent at all. My husband and I have been traveling for several months. We rent a home for a 2-3 month period and have yet to find one that has a comfortable bed. We decided to purchase a topper to take with us from place to place. This topper has make our lives heavenly. Our backs had been sore since our travels began. For the first time we get up in the morning and feel absolutely rested, renewed and pain free. We found a rolling suit case that it folds up into and now we can have a great nights sleep anywhere we go. We even tried it on the tile floor in our bungalow and it still feels wonderful. Even if we had to sleep on concrete we will have a great nights sleep. It is also wonderful to know that it will last 20 years! Mam’s communication through the process was perfect and she even called an hour after the topper arrived to make sure we were happy. If you are on the fence don’t be, just go for it. Life is good.

Zen DeBrucke San Francisco CA

I ordered a pillow, once it arrived it turned out to be the wrong one. Wrote an email to Khun Mam, who profusely apologized and told me to keep the wrong one, she would order again and send me the right one. So now I have two pillows for the price of one. Wow!

I’m totally impressed with her very professional and efficient service, and will definitely recommend her and her company to anyone.

It turned out that both pillows are great.

Nienke Chiang Mai

We received excellent customer service from Mam, and we were in receipt of our fantastic 10 cm king size mattress 48 hours after payment. Mam went the extra mile for us as we were sleeping on the floor, having just moved into our new home.

The mattress provides a fantastic night, and is an immeasurable improvement on our previous mattress.

In addition the contoured pillows were an extra treat to ourselves, and are well worth the money – brilliantly comfortable!!

We will be making further purchases from Latex Innovations – that is for certain.

Mike Bangkok

A real pleasure doing business with “Latex Innovations”…..everything went very smoothly and on time…..even early! Really love the 7.5 cm mattress topper that I purchased. It’s so comfortable. I do not hesitate in recommending this company to everyone…..

Bill Bangkok

We bought one of your mattresses during our vacation in Thailand. We really appreciate your product. Now our sleeping is even more comfortable and healthier. We are looking forward to going to bed every day! Thank you! Hope your business goes well!

Andrey Russia

I love it. After trying so many different options I finally found the solution. My bed is so comfortable and I wake up less tense and with less back pain. Wish I would have bought one sooner. I was hesitant at first but I think it is one of the best investments as I spend about 6-8 hours in bed every day. Quick delivery and good communication, thank you for answering all my questions.

SY Phuket

Khun Mam,
The mattress and pillows are even better than i expected.
The backstiffness i suffered for so long in the morning is already diminishing.
It makes my life moor convenient.

With friendly greetings

Johannes Pattaya

My wife and I have now been enjoying the comfort of a 15cm Queen size mattress for about 6 weeks. It comes as a relief to my old back injury, that hard Thai-style mattresses could not soothe any longer. We also purchased 2 ‘Rough T-bone’ pillows, that really improved our sleeping quality as well.

I would also like to comment on Khun Mam efficiency :
– Contacted her on a wednesday, and arranged a meeting for the next saturday.
– met on said saturday, our last preventions disappeared. We then decided to purchase an extra resistant ‘Jacquard’ style mattress cover.
– quotation arrived following monday. Was away so paid on wednesday only.
– mattress was delivered downstairs, with extra cover on friday.

Its only after testing the bed that we opted to purchase pillows, and could feel the extra comfort of having them too.

I’ve been waiting purposely before posting this comment, to be sure I wasn’t just being over-enthusiastic. Well, my wife and I have met only comfort and increased sleep quality. We are very happy of our purchase, and I just sometimes wonder , how could we have waited so long ?

Mr. B. Bangkok