Just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for delivering such a great service! Professional, friendly and quality are just three of the words I would use to describe both your product and your approach. I wish all companies took the same interest in their customers as your company does – you set a high standard – then you beat it!

Steven Chiang Mai

While in BKK at one of the malls, there was a stand set up with two men selling natural latex mattresses and pillows. We asked about their prices and were shocked to find that their King size 15cm was 38000 Baht!! But, they offer you a discount of 20%, I think to trick you into thinking its a good deal. But thats still 30400 Baht! And when we asked how much to ship to Chiang Mai, they said 10K!! Wow, so 40400 to get it to CM, when Latex Innovations does the same for 24K. And their pillows were 2K each!

Latex Innovations.

The only place I looked for the price, they were offering a matress for $809.00, roughly the same price as you.
But I have decided to buy from you.


Hi Larry,

No one would need a natural latex mattress that is 25cm thick, and it would be next to impossible to move, as it would weigh 77kgs. I think you saw a spring mattress with a thin latex topper only. We do have the thicker lining available, but, it is recommended to use the thin cotton cover as you can “feel” the natural latex more, and get more benefit. If they are offering you free pillows, it means they are charging you that much for the mattress, that a few pillows does not matter as they are making lots of profit.

You did not mention their prices, how do they compare to ours??

Latex Innovations

Hello, I would like to know why your biggest mattress is 15 cen. (6 inches), while I was looking around other manufactorers who sell 6, 8, and 10 inch mattresses. Plus they offer extra linings and free pillows. Do you have any linings?
Thank you for your patience with me 🙂

Larry Chiang Mai

I received my 15cm King mattress a few days ago. Although it arrived promptly and the purchasing experience was second to none, I have a big problem with the latex mattress.
I unpacked it early in the afternoon and lay on it to see how it felt – and woke up 2 hours later! And now I find myself sleeping in, waking much later than before I had this wonderful mattress. I fear I may have to buy an alarm clock and am still not sure that will get me out of bed.
I think I’ll have to order another one for the guest room so that my guests aren’t up hours before me.
Perhaps the mattress should come with a warning?
I would write more about my stellar experience with Latex Innovations but I have to take a nap.

gmac Chiang Mai

Hi Larry,

Please, if you find a cheaper price for natural latex, of the same quality and size, let us know and we will match or beat it. The fact is, you will not find a supplier that can beat our prices, or our quality and service!

Latex Innovations

I think that 22, 400 baht for your King size mattress is too expensice. When the price becomes more reasonable, I will be your happy customer 🙂

Larry Chiang Mai