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The key to waking up energized and well-rested is to sleep more deeply. Unfortunately, for many such a good night of sleep is rare: they toss and turn on their mattresses, unable to relax. The body is either too warm or too cold, or the mattress feels too hard so that the muscles in the back and legs can't soften.

Latex mattresses are the first-class way to sleep. They give you the cool comfort and snug-fitting support for a night of pleasant rest. You will enjoy decades of serene sleeping that lets you wake up refreshed and content. There is no substitute for a latex mattress made from honest and pure materials: it just feels right.

Cool Comfort for Supreme Relaxation at Night

To sleep deeply, your body needs complete relaxation. A latex mattress is designed for this: fitting snugly around your body in any sleeping position, so that your back, neck and spine are always supported. It breathes, so you are never too warm or too cold. This helps you relax more easily so that you sleep deeply the whole night long.

After you have fallen asleep, you need to stay asleep. But ordinary mattresses have the problem of 'movement transfer:' when your partner moves, you can feel that, so you often involuntarily wake each other up. A latex mattress does not transfer movement, so that you stay asleep when your partner turns over.

A latex mattress helps you sleep better by keeping your body relaxed, cool, and comfortable all night long. All these advantages come from the honest material of the Hevea Brazilensis, a rubber tree that is grown in Thailand. Genuine natural latex:

• is self-ventilating for cool and comfortable sleeping
• disperses heat
• eases tension in the spine and joints
• is hypo-allergenic, ideal for people who suffer from asthma or hay fever
• is resistant to dust mite, bacteria, and mold. You can feel secure that your mattress is clean and healthy
• helps capillary blood flow
• is 100% natural and comes from a renewable resource
• is biodegradable

Get Luxury Quality at Affordable Prices

Click on the store now and take a look at our luxury mattresses. It's easy to see which mattress and toppers would be the best for you. Choose one you like, and fill in your information for payment and delivery. Your mattress or topper will arrive at your doorstep 3-7 days. We can deliver anywhere in Thailand! All sales are final.

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You spend a third of your life in bed. Make sure that you invest in making your nights count as quality time. Allow yourself to sleep deeply and awaken each day with a fresh boost of energy. .

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